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Although we are able to understand many issues involved with your home, Mountain Home Inspection remains objective and is not available to correct any of the issues that are discovered during the inspection. These issues should be addressed by competent and independent third parties.

The Home Inspection Process

Mountain Home Inspection uses the most accepted Standards of Practice for the industry as outlined by the American Society of Home Inspectors as the basis for all reports.

Your report will conform to all industry standards.

Your participation in the inspection process is welcome. If possible, plan on being present for the inspection. This will help you understand the home and the report better. Whether present
or not, your questions and feedback are always encouraged.

When appropriate, suggestions will be offered to help the home comply with the best accepted practices for building. The inspection report is not merely a list of issues, you will be given tips and ideas that will help you better maintain the home.

Your inspection report will be available in a web-based format that may be printed in color. A clearly written explanation is provided for each point. Digital pictures are used throughout your report to help illustrate points.

A typical inspection will last several hours and cover the following areas:

Exterior of The Home

Structure of the Home

Heating & Cooling Systems

Electrical Systems



Interior Rooms


Sample Issues