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Larger Homes

Please call our office for pricing of larger homes.

We offer the best home inspection prices

Matt provides a thorough and detailed inspection of the home, the same service that Matt would expect for his own home.

Choose the inspector that provides this level of care.

The home inspection could turn out to be the most important step in your real estate transaction. The pricing for the inspection and the report is primarily based on the size of the home. There could be an additional charge for unique features of the home, such as an additional kitchen, outbuildings or other unique feature or request.

Square footage of homes

Up to 1500 sq. ft.
1501-1750 sq. ft.
1751-2000 sq. ft.
2001-2500 sq. ft.
2500-3000 sq. ft.
3001-3500 sq. ft.

Condominium pricing is discounted up to $50 as the exterior, roofing, attics, garages, mechanical systems and crawl spaces can be excluded.

An additional fee may be charged for additional outbuildings, lockoffs/apartments or historic homes. 

3501-4000 sq. ft.
4001-5000 sq. ft.
5001-6000 sq. ft.
6001-7000 sq. ft.
7001-8000 sq. ft.
8001-9000 sq. ft.
9001 and up

Please call for pricing on homes larger than 8000 square feet.

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